What's this club all about?

NORAC started as Nissan Off-Road Association of Colorado. It was founded by a group of like-minded friends who wanted to enjoy all that Colorado has to offer but also preserve it, maintain it, and ensure that everyone can enjoy it. As such, we collaborate with the Forest Service and other organizations to keep our trails open for all uses.

Wait, Nissan? I don’t have a Nissan.

While NORAC started as a Nissan specific club, we welcome all makes. Our general vehicle requirements include being 4-wheel drive and in good working order. Having lower gears (4Lo) is beneficial. We also have equipment requirements to be able to run trails. Please check the bylaws for more information.

What about membership requirements?

We require a minimum participation effort of two membership meetings and two trail maintenance workdays each year. For people who are having trouble making these days, there are alternatives, such as helping out as part of a committee.

There’s a whole lot of talk about maintaining trails. Don’t you have any fun?

Of course we do! Firstly, our maintenance days are a blast. Many hands make light work and there's usually time after we're done to go run a trail.

In addition to our trail maintenance days, we schedule multiple trail runs throughout the year. There are frequent camping on the trail opportunities. We also have our annual exclusive members only trip, Roaming the Rockies, which highlights a different region of Colorado each year.

In addition to our scheduled runs, there’s almost always someone on our Facebook page looking to coordinate an ad-hoc trip.

OK! I’m hooked. How do I join?

Head on over to our Membership page and fill out the membership application. Then check our calendar for the next membership meeting. We generally hold them in Denver, every couple of months. Stop on by and introduce yourself. We can’t wait to meet you!